OMP has a modern, fully equipped ISO 9001-2008 certified facility where we do product development, prototyping, testing and qualification.

OMP uses the following equipment:

  • N5230C PNA-L, ZVB 4, HP8753E (Network Analyzers)
  • HP 8593E, FSP 30 (Spectrum Analyzers)
  • R&S FSIQ 26 (Vector Signal Analyzer)
  • N5183A MXG, ESG 4000, HP8640, HP8671B (Signal Generators)
  • HP 435, 436 (Power Meters)
  • Anechoic chamber

Our suite of simulation tools includes:

  • 3D electromagnetic simulation engine
  • Planar electromagnetic simulation engine
  • Linear circuit simulator
  • Non-linear circuit simulator

OMP has strategic manufacturing alliances for the production phase of our projects. We remain fully responsible through the entire products’ lifecycle and maintain constant oversight making sure the best quality is achieved at the lowest cost.